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On July 17, 2019, ELC held a Round Table Discussion. The discussion was led by Asis Wahyudi, M.Pd. and was presented by Ribut Wahyudi, M.Ed., Ph.D. with the title Situating … Read More

At the end of the even semester of lecturing that coincided with Ramadhan, PKPBI did not want to miss a joint fast breaking event. The event was called Intensive English … Read More

UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim was electrified by the ELC’s events which were conducted annually. The events named English Exposure and English Program Socialization 2019 were opened by Dr. Syamsudin, the … Read More

استقبل البرنامج المكثف لتعليم اللغة العربية طلاب وطالبات مدرسة النور الثانوية يوم الثلاثاء والأربعاء 9 و 10 أبريل 2019م في مقر مركز اللغات مبنى C الدور الأول جامعة مولانا مالك … Read More


Kami melayani beberapa Program Kerjasama dengan Sekolah, Madrasah, Perguruan Tinggi, dan Pondok Pesantren untuk pengembangan Bahasa Arab, Bahasa Inggris, Bahasa Mandarin

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