Round Table Discussion “How Teaching and Learning Process Should Be”


Round Table Discussion “How Teaching and Learning Process Should Be”

PKPBI on September 3, 2019 at 10 am held a Round Table Discussion in the PKPBI lecture room with Dr. Michael Nader from Germany as the speaker of the event. He was a lecturer and now he is an educational consultant around the world. The event was held to obtain inspirational experiences of Michael Nader as well as receiving some advice from him about teaching and learning process. To begin the event, it was opened Dr. Syamsudin as the Chief of PKPBI. In the opening session, he hoped that the meeting could increase the PKPBI lecturers’ knowledge about English learning especially in ESP.

In the event, the speaker advised that in teaching students, a lecturer must not tend to give material as many as possible. In other words, the amount of the material should not burden the students, the students should enjoy their learning process instead. He also stated the lecturer should give sufficient time for them to practice. One point that he emphasized was the lecturer should check and give feedback to the students’ homework but it will be time consuming if there are so many students in the class. Therefore, he advised to avoid giving the homework for the students.

During his presentation, he also remarked that the attention span of the student is 15 to 20 minutes. Therefore, the lecturer needs to reset or restart their attention clock to keep their focus after this period by doing other activities to control the students´ attention such as making a small group discussion, finding illustrative quotations, writing paper, writing questions, giving quizzes, etc. At last before he ended his presentation, he also gave some examples of interactive learning the lecturer can use, such as study groups, collaborative projects, group presentation, case study analysis, etc. Finally, the event was closed by the moderator, Nurenza Deviningrum, M.Pd. (BPK)

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