Round Table Discussion: We Learn, We Share


Round Table Discussion: We Learn, We Share

On Wednesday, 22 November 2017, English Language Center held an internal Seminar on Curriculum Development under the theme “Genre-Based Approach in the Teaching of ESP Context.” The speaker was Dr. Sabariah MD Rashid from University Putra Malaysia. Started around 11 p.m., the seminar discussed Genre-based Approach and followed by a very interactive and enthusiastic discussion raised by lecturers of English Language Center as the attendees. During the seminar, Dr. Sabariah emphasized the importance of identifying students’ needs and focusing on those needs when developing the ESP materials. She said that although reaching the objectives set in the syllabus is important, what is more crucial is making sure that the students learn something during the learning process. Dr. Syamsudin, the Head of English Language Center also added that although teaching English for non-English department students is challenging, English lecturers should consistently remind the students of how pivotal English is for their lives, to initiate their learning motivation. The event was closed by having lunch and taking commemoration picture with Dr. Sabariah. Further, Dr. Syamsudin stated that this type of event will be held more often in the future and will be a part of Round Table Discussion, a monthly program designed to provide chances for lecturers of English Language Center to learn and to discuss ESP teaching.


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